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About us

Our goal is to provide you with the tools to create thriving online community & membership sites

Founded in 2016, Jungle Plugins is a WordPress plugin development company which focuses on creating plugins that make it easy to create online community and membership sites with WordPress.

A message from our founders

Hi there,

Thank you for checking out Jungle Plugins.

Jungle Plugins was born after we discussed the idea of creating plugins which make it easier to create online communities and membership sites with WordPress.

We looked at existing plugins in this niche and decided that many of the current plugins were outdated or didn't provide the functionality we were looking for.

So we decided to build the next generation of plugins with our focus being on creating plugins that provide the following functionality: forums; front end posting; paid memberships, user menu visibility controls, user role editing and private content.

Whilst our journey to creating all these plugins has just begun, you can already install our first two plugins: User Menus and Content Control from the official plugin directory.

We are currently working on creating the other plugins, so if you'd like to be updated on our progress you can sign up to our mailing list or follow us on Twitter.


Calum & Daniel

Our Founders

Calum Allison

Calum Allison


Daniel Iser